MA Searchlights and Promotions

Services Section  - Our service section at MA Searchlights and Promotions describes each rental and service we provide. Each rental item can be rented by the day, week or month for a large discount. Please view our price page for a more detailed pricing structure or contact us anytime via email or phone.

Searchlight Rental- MA Searchlight offers complete New England coverage and all of Massachusetts. We will come setup our portable 4000 watt Xenon Search Lights to promote your event for a 3 hour time period or longer. These search lights are commercial grade new units offering a high intensity Light (HID) for a 3-4 mile radius. When turned on they can be put into a stationary mode or sweeping pattern to create the movie effect of crossing beams. The searchlights can also be focused and used to illuminate a building or structure. The possibilities are end less for these units. People will follow the light for miles to see what is happening or let the whole city know that a special event is taking place right now.

Sky Dancer/ Air Puppet- These large inflatable sky puppets use a powerful fan that pushes air inside the unit. The units then dance around wildly creating a stunning visual effect and attracting all kinds of attention. We stock many colors and shapes for any event or promotion. Some of our sky guys fly over 20ft and our spider dancers offer multiple tubes of flying color fun! Add a few sky dancers to your event to create some attention and flare. We offer dily, weekly and monthly rental options.

Spotlight- Our spotlight offers a full line of digital features including electronic dimming, color changer, spotlight featuring 7 dichroic colors, a variable electronic dimmer, variable mechanical iris, variable mechanical focus and a single gobo slot. Four free gobos are included. Fan-cooling, micro-stepping motors, and a digital display provide ease of operation and reliability.

Sound system reinforcement- We offer some of best sound systems in the industry for large and small events. We can provide wireless mics, amps, lighting effects, speakers, MP3 players, computers, CD players. Disc Jockeys and more for any event or function. We have some the best entertainers and Disc Jockeys in the country all available for hire. Visit our main site Crystal Entertainment and MA Moonwalks for more party ideas and planning!

Disc Jockey Services- MA Searchlights offers many different Disc Jockey packages to choose from. Each package is customized to your individual party needs. Our Disc Jockeys have years of experience and training. All of our Disc Jockeys come with a large music library, use state of the art equipment, will take requests and will always be pleasant to you and your guests. If audience participation is what is needed then MA Searchlights has the right Disc Jockeys for you. Our DJ's and MC's can play games, icebreakers, incorporate live game shows, line dances and more. Ask a MA Searchlights representative about a more interactive DJ package or stick with the more refined. The choice is yours!

Lighting Systems/ Theatrical Lighting- MA Searchlight offers a complete renting option when it comes to Special Effects and Theatrical lighting. We offer PAR 64 and PAR 38 lighting packages for stage lighting and event lighting. We can create a color wash of light and customize lighting packages. We can also provide TV studio colors and lighting gel packages for video production work as well for filming options. MA searchlight offers over 30 special effects and intelligent lighting fixtures for sale and or rent. We offer full setup and rental packages for daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Large Inflatable Movie Screen- If you are looking for a fun movie night out or giant video game screen playing system then look no further than our jumbo movie screen. Everybody loves a great movie and we can provide the entire package in one easy phone call. We provide all the needed equipment for a great night anytime of the year. Our large video screens can fit inside most large rooms and function facilities. We also provide a clean crisp sound system for the entire audience to enjoy the sound of the movie or game playing. Our inflatable movie screen can be used in parks, parking lots or any flat surface wide enough to support it. Our screen size offers plenty of viewing room for large crowds 16'Wx13'H. We also stock smaller screens in front and rear projection of 6'x8' and 12'x12'. The possibilities are nearly endless. Our video systems offer digital DVD production for superb picture quality and bright DLP projectors to show clean, crisp image from some distance away. Our inflatable movie Screens can play promotional films, slides, photos or anything that can be projected through our system. We also provide a large sound and PA system for extra clear crisp sound.

Inflatable Bounce House- We offer bounce house rentals with the added feature of an attendant to watch the unit and maintain safety. Our units offer a large 15x15 bounce area suitable for small children and adults. Each unit is cleaned and inspected before each rental. We carry full liability coverage and meet state DPS regulations governing inflatable ride units. These units provide hours of fun and entertainment to children of all ages. MA Searchlight can also add lighting, DJ dance music, party games, prize giveaways, bubble machines and more to enhance any moonwalk or inflatable rental. Call today for booking options. Free Delivery within 20 miles of our office. We also stock other large inflatable items such as bungee runs, Velcro walls, obstacle courses, inflatable games, sports games and more! Visit our other site Crystal Entertainment and MA Moonwalk for more items and planning.

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Generator Rentals- We stock a variety of portable generators for any portable power needs or emergency power. Our Search Lights require large amounts of power so we always stock larger generators to handle the load with ease. We offer smaller wattage generators as well from 3000 watts up to 5000 watt models on wheels. All generators can be delivered and setup for a fee. Some of out larger models come with wheels to move around. We also offer power boxes and 220 volt power boxes for extra 110 volt appliances around the house or work. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rental rates and service.

Projectors-  Our DLP projectors offer crisp clear bright images for any screen front and rear projection. MA Searchlights projector rental comes complete with power cord and all necessary adapters for your hookup. If you need a projection screen we offer many sizes to choose both in front and rear. Our sizes include 6x8, 12x12 and our large inflatable screen. The DLP projector offers very vivid images and color reproduction unlike and LCD unit. Google DLP light projection by Texas Instruments for details. When selecting a projector lumens or brightness is really the most important feature of the projector. If the image is not bright then the audience will see nothing! Our models offer 2000 lumens plus, which is bright for our size screens or any office/home presentation. We can also add DVD players, video game walls and sound systems for your event.

Trussing - MA Searchlights offers steel trussing and aluminum triangle truss. These large sections can span 10-20ft in length and be rigged to hang all sorts of lighting equipment such as intelligent lighting, strobes, par cans, lasers, sound equipment and anything that can hang. Our large industrial crank stands can go 15ft high and hold over 300lbs each. MA Searchlight can setup and rig your event with any lighting or sound needs. We also offer our portable generators and 240volt power distribution boxes for large power and lighting requirements.

15ft crank stand- MA Searchlights stocks some of best commercial grade crank stands for lighting and rigging use. Each stand can support over 300 lbs. We can setup and install the stands at any location even outdoors. These stands when cranked up by the handle can go up to 15ft high.

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