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Our searchlights at MA Search Light rentals are brand new and fully serviced ready to work commercial grade units. These are not home units and are extremely powerful. They are not used units or refurbished in anyway. There are a lot of companies using Old outdated Carbon ARC searchlights which were made over 60 years ago during the war! Granted some of these units have been restored and serviced. These light are big, bright and outdated. 60 years later we have much better, smaller, safer technology and better suited to draw customers with less room being needed for the actual searchlight compared to the old Carbon ARC units. With today’s competition fierce and technology racing faster and faster you need every advantage you can get to have an edge. Our powerful 4000 watt Xenon Lamp Searchlights can provide just that. MA Searchlight Rentals units scan back and forth for the sky piercing effect that are typically seen on movies and such. This sweeping motion attracts attention from miles around and large crowds. Here are some of our searchlight features.

Fireworks with Searchlights video on Youtube.

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Searchlight Features
New Units state of the art commercial grade quality
Bright powerful Beams 4000watt, 3000watt, 2000watt and 1000watt
Scanning movement
Can be easily seen 3-4 miles away pending on atmospheric conditions
Powerful Xenon Lamp no old Carbon ARC models
Water Resistant outdoor use IP33
Adjustable pan and tilt feature
Rotating or stand alone so we can cross beams

About MA Searchlight Rentals

We have been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years as Disc Jockeys, Lighting and sound. Over the year we have expanded into many new items and technologies that may be provided to the entertainment and or advertising industry. Some of our equipment and services include searchlights, Lighting and rigging systems, video projection screens, Disc Jockey services, Inflatable novelty entertainment, Video games, party foods, Moonwalks and inflatable sport games to name a few. We currently own and operate 3 sites and companies under Crystal Entertainment Services, MA Moonwalks and MA Searchlight rentals under North Coast Lighting a lighting and production company. We are registered and fully insured for equipment and services options. We have provided services for thousands of people all over New England and beyond. Some of our past clients have included companies such as Shell Oil, McDonalds, Staples, Coco Keyes Water Resort, All major hotels in the area, Microsoft, Verizon, Unite States Postal Service, Nypro to mention a few. We have performed for such celebrities as Ron Dante of the Archies, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, Freedom Williams of C&C Music factory, Chubby Checker, The Pointer Sisters and more.

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